Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving Day!
Or should I say Happy Gratitude Day? Of course, we can look at it as everyday is a day of gratitude and a chance to be grateful for the gifts that fill our lives.

How wonderful to have a day set aside for celebrating thankfulness and to share our gratitude with others. Imagine what it would be like to have that same focus for 365 days a year. Many do.

Just as people choose to make resolutions on New Year's Day, you can start a new tradition on Thanksgiving Day. Make a commitment to gratitude with a plan for keeping gratitude present in your life throughout the year. What can you do to foster gratitude in your daily life?

If you need some reasons for developing a gratitude practice, check out the Benefits of Gratitude.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Announcing The Gratitude Habit Store

A couple of weeks ago I began to play with a method of setting up a store through After some initial difficulties, I managed to figure out how to create a Gratitude Store.

At the Gratitude Store you'll find an assortment of gratitude books, blank journals for writing appreciations and gratitude lists, children's gratitude books, and The Gratitude Habit: A 365 day Journal and Workbook. I will be adding to it from time to time.

You'll notice I've added a link to the store on the right hand side of this blog.

So, I invite you to check out Gratitude Store

And... I've also created a new Shared Easel Store for art and creativity books for children and adults, and art supplies.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Wow As Gratitude

When I was in 9th grade I had a wonderful English teacher who introduced the concept of being WOWed by life. I seem to remember her encouraging us to be open to the opportunities of experiencing the WOW. All these years later, I still remember her passion for getting us to open our eyes to the wonders of the world around us. I'm not sure about the rest of the class, but one student (that's me) clearly heard her and took her words to heart.

For the past couple of years I have thought about the WOW experience as a form of gratitude but I just wasn't able to put it into words. Then recently, I found myself writing an explanation of how the two were related as if I were explaining it to myself. That explanation has become one of the articles in the most recent issue of The Shared Easel Newsletter. To read the article, visit:

I definitely learned that high school lesson. I am always being WOWed by life...and loving it!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gratitude Crafts and Activities on Pinterest

Since the beginning of November, I've been posting gratitude crafts and activities on The Gratitude Habit page on Facebook , every day. In addition, I have added a number of other creative gratitude projects, along with each of these, onto a Pinterest board. I will continue to add more thankful activities in the coming months as I come across new ideas. The Pinterest page makes it easy to keep all the projects together in one place.

Keep in mind that many of these are great gratitude projects to consider for any time of year you would like to focus on expressing your thankfulness.

As of today there are over 60 Gratitude Crafts and Activities already posted on the page.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gratitude: For A Quick Pick Me Up


Need a Quick Pick Me Up? Make a Gratitude List. 

The fact is that some days are harder to face than others. You've probably had days like that, when even the simplest of things becomes difficult to deal with. And I would think that most people have experienced a day when they've wished they had stayed in bed all day OR times when it's hard to summon up your usual cheery self. 

Try a little gratitude intervention to turn your day around.

Here’s a quick pick me up. In just a few minutes you can  help shift your mood and get yourself back on track. Take a short intermission in your day to write a list of 15 to 20 things you are grateful for in your life.

You still may wish you had stayed in bed all day but the list is likely to give you more inner resolve to face the rest of your day. 


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One Year Anniversary of The Gratitude Habit

Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of The Gratitude Habit's been quite a year. One that I am very thankful for. This journey into gratitude has been a wonderful surprise. And as I mark this one year anniversary of the publication date for The Gratitude Habit, I am finding myself reflecting on the steps that brought me to this point. I am totally wowed. Who would have thought that I would have ended up spending my days writing, reading, experiencing, and thinking about gratitude. Not me. The past couple of years have been a delightful surprise.

Another big surprise is knowing that I haven't come close to exhausting the subject yet. I am amazed at how excited I am about the plans I have for future gratitude projects. I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this seemingly alternate path...yet maybe all the roads I've traveled have been leading to this path all along.

For more on the subject, visit: the latest issue of the Shared Easel Newsletter 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Gratitude Habit: Gift Ideas

Only One Day to the Book's One Year Anniversary!!

The Gratitude Habit is an ideal gift for family and friends. It can be given on it's own as the primary gift or as part of a gift basket. Here are some gift giving ideas that include The Gratitude Habit Journal/Workbook.

Gift Idea #1: 

Gift Idea #2: 

Gift Idea #3: 
 Here are some additional gift basket ideas:

The book is an ideal gift to have on hand for last minute gifts or to bring as a hostess gift for Thanksgiving or any of the social events of the upcoming holiday season. Order now to be prepared.

For more gratitude gifts, visit The Gratitude Habit Store.

The Gratitude Habit: Image Play

Four Days to the Book's One Year Anniversary!!

Almost two years ago, after becoming immersed in gratitude, I spent an afternoon playing with the camera and some scrabble pieces. I had fun placing the letters on several of my paintings, spelling out thankful, grateful, thanks, and gratitude. That was during a period of time when I became involved in every gratitude activity I could think of. This was part of the process of filling my world with gratitude from morning till night.

This image is one of the photos I took during that afternoon and I would love to create another photo shoot to play with words and images once again. I will post something if and when I do.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Appreciating True Friendship

A lot has been written on the subject of friendship...and I guess I will be one more to write about it.

As we travel the paths of life, there are precious points at which we come across a fellow traveler who fits into our lives as if they were meant to be there all along. They seem to have been perfectly placed  and come into focus at just the right time. And either in that moment or sometime in the future, looking back, it feels as if they were placed here just for us, as our special gift. How wonderful to find someone who can walk by our side and share the journey.

I have been gifted with some great friends and I am so thankful to have them in my life. They are a safe haven when the waters get choppy and a sounding board when I need to talk something out or hear another perspective. They can provide me with unconditional support, not to mention love. They fill the world with reasons to smile and reasons for gratitude.

What a wonderful gift to have those special someones who really see us and "get us," often right from the very start. The world is a better place because they have touched our lives.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Gratitude Habit: Great Hostess Gift

Six Days to the Book's One Year Anniversary!!

With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, consider bringing a copy of The Gratitude Habit...a 365 Day Journal and Workbook as a hostess gift. What a wonderful way to say thank you to your holiday hosts.

There's still enough time to order the book from for Thanksgiving. At under $10, it's an ideal price to order several and have them on hand when you need a thoughtful last minute gift this holiday season. This time of year is often filled with invitations to parties and dinners, and opportunities for socializing.

So order now to be prepared.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Gratitude Habit: 100 Gratitudes

Seven Days to the Book's One Year Anniversary!!

The Gratitude Habit: A 365 Day Journal and Workbook has two opportunities to generate an extensive gratitude list. There's one at the beginning of the book and one at the end. The 100 Gratitudes list offers a challenge to those who would like to either complete it or start it before beginning the journal. The list becomes an easy reference and a reminder of the many gifts that fill your life. Time spent reviewing the list can be quite helpful when a pick-me-up is needed.

For those who feel that 100 Gratitudes is too long a list to start with, consider 50, or 30, or maybe 20 at first. Then go back and add to it in the future if you prefer.

This three page list was the first portion of the book I designed. It seemed important to begin with an opportunity to list as many appreciations as possible before even starting the journal pages. The 100 Gratitudes helps to create a foundation on which to start making changes in your life. It also helps in developing a relationship with gratitude before beginning to complete daily journal entries, and it makes it easier to begin focusing on the good things in life.

So, the initial list becomes a point of reference for assessing your relationship with gratitude. The second list, at the end of the book, is included for those who would like to create another list once they have completed the journal. It may also illuminate any changes in your experience with gratitude since starting the book.

Personally, I like to list 100 Gratitudes every couple of months or so. It feels good and reinforces positive thinking.

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Gratitude Habit: My Favorite Quote

Eight Days to the Book's One Year Anniversary

Today I thought I'd share my favorite "quote" from The Gratitude Habit: 365 Day Journal and Workbook. It's funny to call it a quote since it's from my book.

"Happiness is not based on the occasional
grand things that happen in your life.
It comes from acknowledging the
steady flow of moments to appreciate."

I originally posted this statement on Facebook back in April. It was the second excerpt from the journal I shared and it was new for me. I chose a photo I had taken with the reflection of sunlight on the rippling waters of the river. Then I played with the font style, color, and size. I've created many more images since, with words and photos. I am still learning and growing as I develop a style of combining the two.

Prior to this year, I had a desire to play with text in paintings or photos. I'm so glad I've taken the opportunity to do so this year and it's just the beginning. I'm getting more comfortable with the overall look and development of a "text image." It feels like a new medium to me. I must admit that I wonder about introducing letters and words into my paintings. Hmmm...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Gratitude Habit: What's included

Nine Days to the Book's One Year Anniversary 

The Gratitude Habit is a 365 day gratitude journal with workbook elements. The exercises, activities, and prompts help to make gratitude a habit in your life.

Here's what's included in the journal: 

  • 365 gratitude journal entries.
  • Workbook exercises.
  • 100 Gratitudes list - pages for listing 100 people, places and thing you most appreciate.
  • Gratitude prompts, thoughts, and reminders.
  • Activities and techniques you can use to help deepen a gratitude habit.
  • Writing activities and exercises.
  • Blank writing pages.
  • List of ideas for keeping gratitude active in your life after completing this journal.
  • Gratitude Action Plan - space to establish a plan for how to keep gratitude present in your life.
  • Quotes and Notes - pages to record any quotes you come across that you would like to reference.
The Gratitude Habit can be purchased at Amazon for yourself and for loved ones. It has become a popular gift for the holidays, birthdays, and special occasions.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Gratitude Habit: a bit of history

Ten Days To The Book's One Year Anniversary!!

With The Gratitude Habit Journal and Workbook about to celebrate it's one year anniversary, of the date it was published, I find myself reflecting on the journey of the past few years.

This morning I happened to remember the first time I had the idea of creating a gratitude journal. A few years ago, while I was walking Pickles, our dog, I got a real zing as I thought about developing a "Count Your Blessings" journal. The idea seemed to come into focus in a crystal clear way and I even got a glimpse of what it might look like, inside and out. So, immediately after returning to the house, I wrote down all my thoughts and ideas, adding to the page throughout the week. I did not look at that page again for about two years.

At the beginning of 2012, I began to make gratitude my focus, filling my days with reading, writing and exploring the subject in depth. The original goal was to develop a relationship with gratitude for another project I had in mind. Somewhere along the way, I ended up super charged by the idea of developing a gratitude journal with a workbook component. It was only after I began work on the book that I remembered my notes from two years earlier. How great to start a project in which "my past self" had left some building blocks on which to begin this new journey.

To purchase the book at Amazon, Click Here.

Friday, November 1, 2013

A Month Filled with Gratitude Crafts and Activities

It's November!!! Thanksgiving Day is just a few weeks away.  With that in mind, November is going to be Gratitude Crafts and Activities Month at The Gratitude Habit. The goal is to share a creative gratitude project everyday throughout the month. I will be posting them on my Pinterest page for gratitude related activities and at the The Gratitude Habit page at Facebook. These activities are great for individuals, couples, friends, or families. Many of them are perfect for adults as well as small children.

Although the majority of the creative ideas will seem to be Thanksgiving oriented, many of them can be done at any time during the year to help develop an active relationship with gratitude.

I will write more about it here during the month and plan to continue adding project links into December as well. If you enjoy giving homemade gifts, some of the craft ideas I am saving for December, are projects that can be used for making holiday gifts.

Here are the links:
Pinterest page:
Gratitude Habit at Facebook:

Wishing you a wonderful November, filled with gratitude and creativity. And if you happen to spend time with any of the activities posted during the month, please leave a comment to let us know how it went. Thanks.