Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Gratitude Journal for Relationships

Here’s a simple and fun way to put some time and attention into your relationship…

We all seem to have way too many priorities, activities, and tasks these days. That doesn’t leave a whole lot of space and time for many couples who are trying to meet their individual commitments. So, the relationship takes a back seat to all the other priorities tugging at their sleeves. A gratitude journal for couples is a simple and fun way to focus on each other and put some energy into your relationship.

My husband and I are doing a 30 day relationship gratitude journal. We each have a small pad we use to list three things we appreciate about one another, each day. It’s been fun and here’s why:
  • We get to look for things to appreciate all day long. Not that we didn’t appreciate one another beforehand but now it’s as if we are shinning a spotlight on our appreciation.
  • We get to share a moment of realization when we catch each other appreciating us for something. And, every once and awhile my husband will say, with a big grin, ”that’s going on the list!”
  • I do believe that I am smiling more. 
  • I am feeling love for my hubby more often throughout the day. 
  • I think I like him even more than before and I LOVE the feeling of appreciating him and the things he does.
All of this and it's only taking us a couple of minutes a day.

When married couples have lived with one another for a number of years, it becomes easy to take some of what they do for granted. We may begin to overlook the little things we originally found charming or delightful and those things just become part of everyday life together.  A couple’s gratitude journal is a wonderful way to experience more appreciation for one another and to add a spark to the relationship. Whether you keep a journal on your own or the two of you go through the process together, there are benefits for both you and the relationship.

Instead of using separate journals you might prefer to share one journal and write on opposite pages. That way when you are writing your appreciations you get to see how much you are appreciated.

Any relationship can be improved with gratitude. This type of gratitude journal can also be helpful for...siblings, mothers and daughters, business partners, etc.

We are almost at the end of our 30 day journal and I know I will want to continue. Try this for yourself, for thirty days, and see how it benefits your relationship.

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