Monday, December 23, 2013

Quote from The Gratitude Habit Journal

This quote is from The Gratitude Habit Journal and Workbook.

"Give thanks for those who have inspired
your courage, strength, and resolve."

It is one of the many prompts, statements, activities and exercises found throughout the book.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Grateful for Peaceful Moments

There are precious moments when the inner calm takes over and all troubles and struggles seem to dissipate...and PEACE reigns. What a gift!!

Wishing you a peaceful holiday season filled with love, joy, and opportunities to create special memories.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary-2

After writing last Saturday's post, Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary, I really wanted to create a visual poster with that sentiment. So here it is!!

I've found it quite a zing to pause for a moment during simple everyday tasks and raise the experience to another level, through heartfelt gratitude. It seems quite remarkable when something so ordinary can become something closer to the highlight of my day. All it takes is a new appreciation for the ability and opportunity to complete that task.

If you haven't already read it, check out Saturday's post.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Choose Gratitude

In Any Given Moment, embrace love, choose gratitude, release the NOW.

No matter what you are experiencing in life, you can choose gratitude and improve your day. In doing so you will find it easier to release fear, stress, and anxiety.

Click Here for more Benefits of Gratitude.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Turn Ordinary Into Extraordinary

There are many actions we take throughout the day that become second nature. They are so much a part of our day that they become automatic...brushing our teeth, putting on shoes, walking up the stairs, or drinking a glass of water. Actions such as these are done without almost any thought...YET...if it became physically difficult to perform these tasks, for any reason, our automatic actions would suddenly take thought and possibly even struggle.

It is so easy to take things for granted when it involves something we do, or see, or experience every day. The world around us becomes a familiar background as we drive the kids to school or journey to work, walk the dog or pick up groceries. Our corner of the world grows smaller as we wrap ourselves in tasks and thoughts. In other words, we begin to take the bigger picture for granted and miss out on the things that make life more beautiful, easier, elegant, and even interesting.

How often do your chores become something to just finish up and get done? Last week, as I was making dinner, I was so very thankful that I could physically accomplish this task. And suddenly something I needed to do for my family went from "Oh well" to "Oh Wow!"  I even found the dreaded job of cleaning up the kitchen, after dinner, a remarkable accomplishment. I shifted my thinking from ordinary to extraordinary about something that takes place every day.

What are you taking for granted? Find things to be grateful for today that you wouldn't normally think of being thankful for.

(Check out Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary-2 where I added an image on the subject and a short post.)

Friday, December 13, 2013

So Much To Be Grateful For

There are many, many things we can find each day to be grateful for in life...some small and others big. It's easy for us to appreciate the people we love and those who are special to us. It's customary to be thankful for the job promotion, raise, and achieving a major goal. Then there is everything else that we come in contact with or experience in a day.

Our days are filled with:
  • Modern miracles (remote controls, cell phones, computers, Ipads, etc.). 
  • The Basics (shelter, food, water, showers, ability to breathe, and more)
  • Comforts (beds, pillows, blankets, couches, chairs, cup of coffee, etc)
  • Human interactions (time with friends and family, good conversations, laughter, smiles, opportunities to share, to love, to care)
  • Beauty (landscapes, natural world, artwork, shadows, music, smiles)
  • Creativity (thinking, music, art, poetry, cooking, dance, and so much more)
  • Modern conveniences (cars, running water, refrigerators, washer/dryers, toothpaste, etc.)
  • Entertainment (TV, movies, books, games, concerts, stereos and music players)
  • Sports and athletic activities
  • The Physical Body 
  • Life itself...
  • And so much more!!! 
I'll stop here because I could go on and on and on...And you get the idea.

There's so much to appreciate.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Everyday WOW!

We can all agree that not everyday is a great day. We have good days, we have difficult days...and some days seem to be nondescript, but in every given day you can find the WOWs.

Just the fact that the sun rises each day and sheds light on the world around you, is a source of wonder. Waking up to another day of life is remarkable when you really look at it. The bodies we inhabit are quite extraordinary in their design and makeup. The fact that there is life on this planet in all of it's amazingly diverse forms is a huge WOW. Our ability to reason, walk, talk, speak , and create, is absolutely incredible. We have spectacular vistas on every continent that cause people to catch their breath in awe.

These are some of the many reasons that I can find the WOW in everyday, whenever I choose to look for it. I can shift my view of the world from my small little piece of it, to look at the big picture and fill my perspective with awe and wonder. Life is so much bigger than the day to day happenings of any one individual.

 Look broad and be WOWed!!!

Monday, December 2, 2013

Make Your Own Gratitude Gifts

 Today is black Monday, the day that people supposedly shop online to conveniently check off as many people on their gift list as possible. Well, I thought I would take gift-giving in a different direction today with an "un-black monday" sort of post. Would you like to make some of your holiday gifts this year? There's still time.

It's possible you won't find all your gifts online this year, and in case you'd like to avoid the crowds in malls and stores, here are some gratitude wrap and thankful box ideas you can create as gifts. (I will be looking for other DIY gift ideas for a future post.)

Gratitude Wraps -using fabric to sew a wrap with pockets to hold everything you need for writing letters of gratitude...paper/cards, envelops, stamps, and pens.

From Soule Mama
From Soule Mama

A Thankful Box - a personally decorated box given with heartfelt expressions of appreciation from you OR filled with cards for the recipient to record their gratitude throughout the year.

  • A decorated box with scrapbooking elements and printed " I am Thankful for..." cards.
  • A gratitude box with pre-made products. This box may give you ideas on decorating a DIY gratitude box.
  • Here's an idea you can transform into a gratitude box gift. Instead of a matchbox, use an empty note card box. Create a cover that reads Gratitude Box, Why I appreciate you, or Thankful for you. On the folded card stock you can either leave it blank so the person you are giving it to can use it to write their appreciations OR fill it yourself with all the things that you appreciate most about that individual.
  • A box covered with decorated paper and then filled with treats to say thank you. Of course, instead of treats, you could place a letter of appreciation in the box, a small stuffed animal, or a set of homemade "I am thankful for..." cards.
  • More ideas on Making a Gratitude Box.

From My Scraps
From Paper Cuts by Lisa


Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Gratitude Tree in December

December is a great month for a gratitude tree. Start one at the beginning of the month, and it will be loaded with gratitude by the time you celebrate New Year's. Use it to reflect on the many people, places, and things you've appreciated throughout this past year. The gratitude tree is an ideal family activity and one to share with friends, roommates, or to create on your own.

Throughout November, I posted one or more gratitude crafts and activities each day on Facebook and at Pinterest. Of those many projects, there were twelve gratitude tree ideas included. Although you may notice a number of similarities between these tree designs, each one has its own unique way of envisioning a gratitude tree. So check them out and consider creating one now or in the future.

Here are links to each of the gratitude tree projects:

  1. A large wall cutout display with brown paper tree and construction paper leaves.
  2. A fabric cutout tree on canvas. (image above)
  3. A paper bag tree...perfect for children.
  4. A tree branch with hanging tags. (image below on left)
  5. Decorative display of colorful twigs and faux craft store leaves.
  6. A framed tree cutout with construction paper leaves.
  7. A framed 8x10 printable tree with printable leaves.
  8. A 3x4 foot paper tree cutout on wall with construction paper leaves.
  9. A branch, a pot, and some construction paper leaves.
  10. A branch and mod podged leaves.
  11. Another branch with hanging construction paper leaves. (The tree of thanks seen below) 
  12. A 6 foot tall tree made of crumbled paper bag pieces against a sliding glass door.
and then one more idea: The thankful branch with hanging tags.

Show Me Crafts: Gratitude Tree
From Show Me Crafts

From: In Lieu of Preschool

If December is too hectic a month for a gratitude tree, consider creating one in January. It's a great way to start the year. And of course, any month can become a gratitude month.