Monday, January 5, 2015

Visual Gratitude - December 2014

Visual Gratitude Journal for the Month of December 2014

It's a new year and my gratitudes for December reflected the feelings that come up as one year closes and the next is anticipated.

I ended 2014 with strong positive feelings for 2015... lots of optimism, a sense of infinite possibilities filled with light. I was excited and looking forward to the new year. I wasn't trying to rush through the last days of the year, but I definitely was more excited about the start of this year than I can remember feeling in prior years.

Here's some of what filled my painted gratitude journal for the month of December:
  • The comforts of home as the weather gets colder: hot tea on a cool day, the ability to heat water for tea, being able to heat the house, the smell of home baked breads, muffins and cookies, wood burning stove, warm blankets, and Spring-like days in late Fall and Winter.
  • The basics: clothes to wear, having shoes, a roof, sight, hearing, a bed.
  • Everyday gifts of life: books, exposure to new things, a working refrigerator, a great dog, to name a few.
  • Feel good things: a loving family, the gift of giving, belief and trust.
  • The experience of my inner world: clarity, healing, inspiration, letting go, growth experiences.
  • and so much more.
Wishing you all a joy-filled, gratitude-filled, and light-filled 2015!!! 

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