Thursday, October 19, 2017

10 Simple Reasons to Feel Thankful


1. A Full Night's Sleep
I so appreciate getting a full night's sleep!! I love waking up in the morning with the knowledge that I've gotten 7 or more hours of sleep. Getting the rest I need gives me more energy for the day ahead and the ability to accomplish any goals I have set. What a wonderful gift!

2. The Presence of Baby Birds
What a joy to hear the sound of hungry baby birds chirping outside our home each Spring. Last year a family of birds made a home in a bird house we have hanging on our deck. For weeks we were able to watch as the parents made their way to and from the small wooden home, providing food and a watchful eye. Soon after, we saw these tiny tots flying among the branches of nearby trees and we could hear their voices begin to mature. They felt like family. I appreciated and enjoyed their presence in our lives.

3. The Washer and Dryer
I am always thankful for my working washer and dryer, for the ability to wash my clothes and bedding whenever I choose and so easily. Yesterday I did 5 loads of laundry and didn't have to leave my home or scrub any of the items individually. I don't know about all of you but for me this is a constant source of appreciation. One of the little WOWs of life!!!

4. Breathing
Isn't it remarkable that we can breathe without thinking about it? I am thankful for every breath I take and the process of doing so automatically. When you stop to think of it, that process is quite amazing!! And I most definitely appreciate the gift of peace and calm I experience when I choose to focus on my breathing in any moment.

5. The First Light of Day
I am thankful for the first light of day and its gentle wake-up call to herald a new start, a new beginning. The morning sun shines a light on all that is possible in this day, for the opportunities, and the potential within me to fully step into my own shoes and be me. It is a beautiful and subtle reminder of the light that shines within each of us and the glow we can share with one another as we travel through this day. Oh, that morning sun, as it casts its light on all living things, showing its strength and power even when diffused by mist and fog, storm and rain. I love the feeling of starting fresh with each morning light.

6. Showers
One of the things I appreciate most in life is the ability to take a shower. I love the way it feels to be in the shower and the feeling afterwards. I marvel in my ability to so easily turn on the water and get a warm and wonderful refreshing experience. Ahhhh!! (And I am even more thankful for a shower after coming home from a camping trip.)

7. The Sound of a Smile
I appreciate the sound of someone smiling when you are speaking with them. I do find it wonderful and amazing that you can actually hear a smile over the phone just by the sound of their voice. That is super cool. And although you are not face to face, you get the gift of someone's smile. Smiles are one of the very best and simplest of gifts we can give and receive.

8. Garbage Removal
Boy, I am ever so thankful for garbage removal! Seriously, what would we do without it? I appreciate my husband for bringing our garbage and recycling bins up to the street each week and for those who come in the big trucks and take it away. This process makes it so easy for my refuse to be "out of sight, and out of mind."

9. Hands and Arms
I am so very thankful for my hands and arms. They make it possible to paint, to cook, to draw. I can play catch, wave to a friend, steer my car, and carry my bags when I travel. I delight in my ability to give and receive hugs and wrap my arms around myself, if I choose. I can do push ups, send a text, write a letter, reach for things on an upper shelf, or just stretch straight up towards the sky. There are so many things I can do with my arms and hands!

10. Reasons to Smile
I am grateful for the many reasons to smile in a day, for when the power of a stranger’s smile is like a warm glow that touches my entire being, and for the twinkle I can see in the eye of someone who smiles at me with love - it feels like a beautiful zing. I love when a smile can light up a room and when the experience of an inner smile can create a glow that seems to turn on a light within me.

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